3rd Birthday Carnival of AEON MALL Ha Dong with many special summer activities

May is almost over and summer is approaching. In the series of events this summer, AEON MALL Ha Dong will celebrate its 3rd birthday with many interesting programs.

Held from May 26 to July 2 at Future Court, Hado’s 3rd birthday promises to be brilliant and a playground for everyone to unleash their full potential. Let’s take a walk around to see what Hado has on this birthday!

1. Sale Fair

Time: 26/05 – 04/06

There will be more than 13 booths exhibiting at Future Court of AEON MALL Ha Dong with many attractive promotions and vouchers.

2. Program “Exchange bills, receive gifts”

Time: 25/05 – 04/06

Download the AEON VIETNAM app and with bills of at least 600K VND, customers will immediately receive attractive gifts:

  • 600K bill, get 01 small water bottle 
  • 200K bill, get 01 AEON 100K voucher or 01 Electric fan
  • 1800K bill receive 01 Glass vase and 02 glasses

3. Daily activities

The “Carnival character decoration” activity took place throughout the birthday event from May 26 to July 2.

With bills over 300K, customers can participate in this activity. Participating customers will be guided and received a hardcover with pre-printed details/parts, with joints between details. Your task is coloring and assembling these details to create the model.

Once completed, customers will be instructed to scan to project the products on the Led screen. Customers can bring home the finished products as gratitude gifts of AEON MALL Ha Dong to everyone.

4. Weekend series of activities

Every weekend in the series of birthday events, AEON will have a workshop with different activities. With each bill over 300K, customers can register for one of the organized workshops, including:

  • DIY Hado fluid: customers who guess the names of the ice cream flavors will get 1 free ice cream cone. Time: 9:30 a.m.-21:30 p.m., June 10-11
  • DIY cupcake/ birthday cake: customers decorate the topping on the cupcake then bring it home. Time: 9:30-21:30, June 17-18
  • Carnival mask decoration: customers decorate their masks then join the birthday parade. Time: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm, June 24
  • DIY cotton candy: 9:30-21:30, June 25

5. Carnival Music Festival

The Carnival Music Festival to celebrate AEON MALL Ha Dong’s birthday will be held on June 24 from 20:00 to 21:30. Many special music and dance programs will be held with specific schedules that will be announced on AEON MALL Ha Dong’s media channels.

6. Challenge “Connect to Décor”

Time: 6/6 – 30/6

Customers will participate in the challenge in the following ways:

Step 1: Have fun with Décor on your birthday.

Step 2: Comment under the contest post with photos and answers to the question “How many animals are in the summer decoration?”

Step 3: Call for interaction for your engagement (Emotion = 1 point & comment = 2 points)

The first 10 participants with correct answers and the highest score will receive 1 suitcase from AEON MALL Ha Dong.