Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (“Policy”) is used with the purpose to help customers to understand information collected by AEONMALL VIETNAM Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “AEONMALL Vietnam” or “we”) and to ensure privacy of user’s personal information when access and/or use website of AEON MALL VIETNAM Co., Ltd (“AEON MALL Vietnam ’s website”).

Users must be responsible to promptly notify us about inappropriate behavior of using, abusing, violating privacy of third party to AEONMALL Vietnam ’s website to provide suitable solution.

1.Purpose and scope of collecting information

Valued users using the functions of AEONMALL Vietnam’s website or contact with AEONMALL Vietnam via online supporting tools or send the contact via information form on website may be asked to provide the personal information including but not limited to: Name, email, phone number, address, password to log in the account… Based on the information provided by users, we can identify, verify, support, contact and communication with users during the time of providing service.

As our requirement, users need to commit that all the information which is provided to AEONMALL Vietnam is correct and fulfill. When agreeing to provide the information, we understand that users allow us to collect and use the information for the purpose and scope of information mentioned in this Policy. Any incorrect information may affect the rights of users and we do not take any responsibilities in that case.

Users take responsibility to inform AEONMALL Vietnam on time about any of misusing, abusing, violating the privacy of third party for quick and reasonable solution.

2. Scope of using information

Website of AEONMALL Vietnam uses the information provided by users to:

Provide the service/conveniences to users

– Send notification on information exchange between users and AEONMALL Vietnam to keep users update of the process and notify that AEONMALL Vietnam have received the information

– Contact and solve special cases with users

– Confirm and contact users for relevant topic

– Send users the information of promotions, activities, event are happening, research, survey, of AEONMALL Vietnam and/or third parties, and/or partners via email, SMS, notifications on Website of AEONMALL Vietnam.

– Any other purpose which has been approved by users

To accomplish the above purposes, AEONMALL Vietnam shall consider sharing your information to AEONMALL Vietnam’s partners. The information may be shared to third party who we corporate to develop the AEONMALL Vietnam’s Website. However, in this case, we will endeavor to ensure that the recipient is unable to take advantage of the User’s information to perform the purposes that goes beyond the stated scope of uses permitted by Users, we will also ensure they will not use this information for illegal purposes.

3. Storing information and personal data editing

Users’ personal data is stored until there is any request to delete following the law or request from users. On the other hand, users’ personal data is stored on the server of AEONMALL Vietnam.

Users have the right to use services and functions provided on AEONMALL Vietnam’s website, change, update and delete personal information on the website data system by logging in the personal account.

4. Address of the entity that collects and manages personal information

Address: Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi city

Hotline: 0243.757.6999 (ext. 123)

Email: [email protected]



5. Third-Party Link

AEONMALL Vietnam’s website may contain links to third-party websites, apps and online service that are not owned or controlled by AEONMALL Vietnam. AEONMALL Vietnam has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for the websites, apps and online service of third party. Please be careful when access those links from the website. User is highly recommended to acknowledge terms and conditions of such websites, apps and online service of third party.

6. Confidential commitment

Users’ personal information on AEONMALL Vietnam’s website is committed to be kept in privacy following the privacy policy of website. Collecting and using information of each user only occurs when we have users’ approval, except for other cases regarding law.

We do not use, transfer, or expose users’ personal information to third party unless there is users’ approval. Except for the case that required by government authorities according to national law and regulations or being approved by users based on this policy.

In case the server that is storing the data is hacked by hackers leading to the loss of personal data, we take the responsibility to inform the case to authorities for further investigation and announce to users.

AEONMALL Vietnam requires individual/organization contacting with us provide personal information including: Name, address, mobile number, etc. and take responsibility of information provided. AEONMALL Vietnam shall not either take responsibility or solve the dispute regarding the users’ benefits if the personal information provided is not correct.