AEON MALL shopping malls in Vietnam takes action to prevent the spread of coronavirus

The Wuhan coronavirus has spread throughout the world since the first cases were detected in central China in December. Not standing outside of the situation, AEONMALL Vietnam Co., Ltd has deployed several measures to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses in the community.

In order to help customers enjoy leisure time at AEON MALLs and prevent acute pneumonia caused by corona virus at the same time, now all the gate of AEON MALL are equipped with alcohol-based with high disinfectant hand sanitizer with detailed instructions on how to wash hands properly.

The hand sanitizer corner for customers at AEON MALL shopping malls

The instructions on how to prevent corona virus for customers are put at all entrance gates
The hotline information from Ministry of Health is also announced at all entrance of AEON MALLs in 3 languages so that customers can be awared or call directly to the hotline in case of appearing any symptoms.

The announcement at AEON MALL Ha Dong’s entrance
The temperature checkpoints are set up at AEON MALLs’ staff entrance to screen temperature of all staffs. Those found to have fevers would be advised to come back and go to hospital for health check-ups.

Temperature check is conducted with all staffs working
All staffs working at AEON MALLs are also recommended to wash hands with alcohol-based hand rub, hand soap frequently and before entering offices.

The hand wash recommendation are put at AEONMALL Vietnam’s office entrance
In order to prevent droplets caused by coughing and sneezing and scattering of pathogens such as viruses contained in them, employees are encouraged to wear facemasks positively to prevent corona-virus infections from coughing and sneezing.

To prevent the spreading of the virus and guarantee the best health condition for all AEONMALL Vietnam staffs, all employees or their family members (relatives) have entered coronavirus-hit areas (China) in recent 1 month need to confirm with HR team as soon as possible for further support and actions.

As the Life Design Developer, AEONMALL Vietnam always strives to become a place that brings not only joys but also safety for all customers, as well as for staffs.

Until now, there is still no specific antiviral treatment recommended for 2019-nCoV infection. Therefore, basic hygiene is the best thing you can do, according to a doctor of infectious diseases. Let’s protect yourself and others from getting sick with these simple acts with AEONMALL Vietnam.

Source: AEONMALL Vietnam

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